Big Five Marathon

17 June 2023

Race Videos & Photos

A collection of videos and photos from race day at recent editions of the Big Five Marathon.

Get inspired and prepared by checking out our collection below. Watch the event trailer to get motivated for the race, or see how past years have gone in the event recaps.

Browse through the photos to get a sneak peak of what to expect on race day. You'll see the Yellow Wood Valley, the comraderie, the thrilling wildlife and splendid savannah you will be running through. While nothing can truly prepare you for the experience of being out there, get a sense of how tiny you'll feel next to the Big Five and extensive grassland. 

Big Five Marathon 2021 - Event Recap (6:04)
Big Five Marathon 2019 - Event Recap (5:22)
Big Five Marathon 2018 - Event Recap (5:23)
Big Five Marathon 2017 - Event Recap (5:51)