Big Five Marathon

14 June 2025


In order to register for Big Five Marathon, all international runners must sign up for one of the tour packages.

Like all Albatros Adventure Marathons™, the Big Five Marathon is designed to be more than just a race. It's also about enjoying time together with family, friends and other running-minded spirits. Spectators welcome!

For complete information on ways to enter the race, please look here.

Option 1 : Registration closed

Big Five Marathon 2024- 8-day package

11-18 Jun 2024  |  8 days  |  2 900 EUR
8 days in South Africa combining 2 reserves and visit to the township Soweto.
Option 2 : Registration closed

Big Five Marathon 2024 7-day package

12-18 Jun 2024  |  7 days  |  2 500 EUR
The Big Five Marathon is an exclusive event that combines a challenging marathon experience with a classic African safari vacation.
Option 3

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